World of Tanks – Update 9.15 will launch tomorrow


World of Tanks – a WWII tanks arcade/simulator will be updated to version 9.15 tomorrow. It will bring significant improvements, the most important one of which will be moving to the new CoreEngine 3.0, which brings partial multi-core support. This is a breakthrough, because since WoT’s inception in 2010 it’s been running on just 1 (!) core. Only recently the game was updated with a new sound system, which utilized 2nd core of a CPU, however it has never, to this date, used more resources to help improve the framerate, which is ground braking for the game.

Some of the other notable improvements are:
– lowering the chance to roll the tank, as they were doing that almost like toys,
– improving sounds,
– updating tanks models to HD resolution,
– rebalancing tanks and introducing new ones, before a complete overhaul of existing balance comes.

More information about the patchnotes can be found here and a very informative and eye-opening performance comparison of single-core 9.14 vs multi-core 9.15 version can be appreciated here, which was made by 4TankersAndDog. Good name by the way, as it is a Polish classic about a tank crew of 4 and a dog that actually rode and fought with them in T34-85 Rudy, which You can buy in the game.

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