The true holy grail of smartphones

You may remember the times, when the most you could do with your cellphone was a call. With their size you could use it to pretend you were right in the battle calling for reinforcements through this distinctive-looking device either. Pretty much everything else was done through other single-function electronics. Then you could text, calculate, schedule, browse, transfer from just one piece of equipment and the list went on. But many of these tasks required vast amounts of screen space to accommodate needed information in a comfortable manner. Continue reading The true holy grail of smartphones

Desktop vs Mobile Hardware

This article won’t come as a surprise to many¬†tecchies, yet still it is astonishing, how easily the companies can cheat the average customer about the¬†true category their hardware belongs to. For years my patience was tested thoroughly by friends and colleagues that were arguing with me about the performance of their “new hot thing” that they bought. The most irritating type of proud new owner were the laptop owners. Some of them would not believe how inferior hardware is in their laptops compared to the desktops even when you’d show them the performance difference side by side. Even then, when they acknowledge the performance difference they try to argue that it is still a more efficient purchase than the desktop one. All while the laptops are made JUST for mobility. ANY comparison of price/performance is pointless. Like comparing a mini-van with a sports car by their performance versus their price. The sports car will always have better performance metrics in the same price range, because it was designed for it. Just like desktops are the performance/price monsters on the market, while laptops are the mobile “specialists”.


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